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Waterloo Pre-Rinse Add-On Faucet Adapter - 3/8" x 1/2"

This Waterloo pre-rinse faucet adapter allows you to easily attach an add-on faucet to your existing pre-rinse unit. To install it, simply thread it onto the add-on faucet's riser, and then thread the pre-rinse riser into the top of the adapter. A 12mm hex key / Allen wrench (sold separately) is required to tighten the adapter.

This adapter is required to install a Waterloo add-on faucet on any Waterloo pre-rinse faucet that did not come standard with an add-on faucet. It can also be used to install a Waterloo add-on faucet on any pre-rinse faucet with a 1/2" riser connection.

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